A few weeks ago I had the good fortune of running across some long time Atlanta radio talent in an ad they had placed marketing their voiceover studio. Mike Stoudt and Heidi Rew have set up a great studio at Big Peach Studios in NW Atlanta where they are providing training classes and demo and production services focused on VO talent. I went to a crash course in commercial VO they held a few weeks ago that they hosted along with Brian Bremer. It was truly a great experience. It was just the kind of feedback I needed to help further VO career.

This weekend they held a VO Spotlight session where Heidi interviewed Jeffrey Umberger of Umberger Agency here in Atlanta. It was very interesting to get Jeffrey’s thoughts about how to go about getting an agent and the benefits of doing so. Probably the most important aspect of an evening like this is just getting introduced to the right people – thank you Mike and Heidi!

I’m really looking forward to more VO Spotlights in the future.

VO Spotlight at Atlanta Voiceover Studio

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